Investment Philosophy

Three Cord True Wealth Management Group has developed a focused approach to wealth management based on the fact that wealth means different things to different people. Our investment philosophy is distinguished by four key beliefs as well as striking the right balance of risk and return.

Our four key beliefs are:

  • We believe that solid research is fundamental to sound investment decisions.
  • We believe that an investment decision should not be made lightly.
  • We believe in a long-term approach.
  • We believe in the value of multiple perspectives.

Risk matters to our clients:We will work with our clients to understand the right level of risk. Striking the balance between risk and return involves the following:

  • Knowing why risk matters
  • Knowing your risk
  • Balancing your risk and return

Understanding the importance of risk and identifying the amount of risk you should take are critical components of investing. There are three stages of an investment plan:

  • Allocating among core asset classes – of paramount importance.
  • Selecting additional satellite investments to implement the asset allocation*.
  • Rebalancing the portfolio.

Balance risk and return can be employed by using a core/satellite strategy. Simply put, a core/satellite strategy combines products designed to tightly track asset class benchmark with complementary individual securities or separately managed accounts (the satellites) that seek to outperform the same benchmark. The goal is to strike a balance between the desire for out performance and the need to manage risk. Focusing on how each risk is being managed, through asset allocation, investment selection and rebalance, is critical for an investor to stay on track toward his or her investment goals. 

Core/satellite investing is efficient and lowers overall costs by incorporating index-tracking investments. It provides access to institutional investment processes by way of carefully chosen “core holding” asset managers who adhere to passive indexing strategies.

* Asset Allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Commitment to Building Client Relationships

Service - Dedicated to supporting the self-interests of our clients and creating a professional atmosphere in which to work, and promoting strategies and behaviors that consistently help support the long-term prosperity of our clients, affiliates and staff.

Gratitude - Grateful for the clients we serve, for the resources and skills entrusted to us, and for the opportunity to serve others with humility and compassion.

Trust - Uncompromising devotion to the principles of honesty, integrity and the highest ethical standards.

Excellence - Promoting and expecting excellence in ourselves through a strong foundation of ongoing professional education and the latest available technology that keeps us current in the evolving standards of the industry.