Firm Hosts Social Security Seminar: “There’s More You Need to Know”

  Social security seminar photo

Oct. 30, 2014 – What you don’t know could potentially cost you, and filing for Social Security is one of the most important and complex decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. That was the over‐arching topic of today's seminar hosted by Cottrill Arbutina Wealth Management Group featuring third party experts in the insurance field.

Presented by Nationwide Financial, income planning specialist David Harris discussed Social Security enrollment and timing issues, showing how these events can impact one’s long‐term earnings. As well, Robert Price and Daniel Misner from Unified Insurance Management covered the Medicare Open Enrollment period and the variety of Medicare options and supplement programs available for 2015.

The seminar was part of the Cottrill Arbutina Wealth Management Group’s ongoing client education program intended to help individuals make smarter, better decisions about their finances.

Cottrill Arbutina, Nationwide and Unified Insurance Management are separate entities from LPL Financial.