Divorce - Transitions

Some of life’s most difficult circumstances are major life transitions, including divorce, widowhood, and career changes.  Three Cord True Wealth Management Group’s team has extensive experience assisting women through these journeys.

The financial aspects of divorce can seem overwhelming.  It is difficult to make sound financial decisions during such an emotional period, and it is important for women going through the process to evaluate their situations and devise a new plan for their lives going forward.  Led by Diane Gardner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, the firm examines the short term and long term aspects of proposed settlement options with the goal of helping clients avoid financial pitfalls when a marriage ends.

Widowhood and career changes can be equally as emotional, and entrusting professionals with the financial aspects of these transitions can alleviate much of the inherent stress.  Major life transitions may not be easy, but Three Cord True Wealth Management Group can offer confidence and guidance during these complicated times.

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